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The Houses that, like pillars four had once held up our school now turned upon each other and divided, sought to rule.

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girls don’t want boys, girls want allison argent alive and healthy



uno is a great card game it’s just filled with smiles and laughter and numbers and colors and everything is right in the world until someone skips you because then it gets real fuckin personal real fuckin fast

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I like how all of these 11-17 year olds are just going to school with vampires and werewolves and giant spiders and vicious three-headed dogs in their backyard, yet they need a permission slip with an iron-clad parent/guardian signature to go have a harmless butterbeer at the nearby wizarding village. 

Okay, Hogwarts. Okay.


WHAT IS HE?!?!?!


Petition for there to be a Marvel movie/one-shot called “The Other Ones”

With Falcon, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Rhodey, and the other “minor” superheroes from the MCU who don’t have super powers

And it’s like a group session where they talk about being badasses without powers

Bruce has to lead the group because he owes Natasha a favor but he doesn’t mind because half the time they just sit around talking shit about Tony and he always has the best stories

She puts the safety and well being of others before her own, showing great loyalty and admiration for her friends and family—especially Elsa.

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what are you smiling about? you’re gonna be good at this.

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scott: werewolf
malia: werecoyote
kira: kitsune
lydia: banshee                                                                                           parrish: flawless

Lydia casually checking out Parrish.  (◕‿◕✿)

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